Next Practice in Program Management

Actify APM enables Next Practice Program Management – a better way to work that transforms program management to help suppliers compete and win in the era of electrification.

Program management needs innovation not iteration to match new industry dynamics.

Actify meets the specific needs of make-to-program OEM suppliers.

Actify APM complements the expertise in your organization.

Teams love Actify and adopt it quickly because it makes their lives easier

The Launch Control System your organization lacks

Actify APM is a Launch Control System that systematically addresses what’s been missing in program management systems.

Actify simplifies everyday tasks to transform program team productivity.

With Actify, you see up-to-date program status and possible problems at a glance.

Programs never stand still, so Actify tracks changes for you.

Actify gets teams up and running quickly and helps optimize decisions when plans change.

The transformation your make-to-program business needs

If yours is a make-to-program business and you lack adequate visibility of pre-production program status, you’re not in control.

When customers look at you do they see a supplier who ‘gets it’?

Are changes driving up your costs and impacting customer service?

How is the increasing burden of compliance impacting your brand reputation?

Are your launch operations scalable?

Are you busting budgets and incurring excess costs to meet deadlines?

Are you looking for ways to attract and retain key contributors?

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