Important Update Regarding Our APM Solution

To our valued customers and visitors, we would like to inform you that this solution is currently not available for sale. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact us directly at [email protected]. Our dedicated team is ready to provide support and assist with any inquiries you might have about our products and services.

Next Practice in Program Management

OEM suppliers have made to deliver more complex parts and more cost-efficient production. But program management, the heart of a make-to-program business, has barely advanced for decades. Actify APM enables Next Practice Program Management – a better way to work that transforms program management to help suppliers compete and win in the era of electrification.

New Era

Electrification has arrived, and with it, new OEMs, expanded product portfolios and a deluge of new models coming to market. For suppliers, this means more programs, smaller orders, and pressure to deliver faster and at lower cost. Suppliers cannot balance this equation without radical change – innovation, not iteration. Actify is designed to transform program management and to achieve significant reduction in the cost and time to launch new programs into production.


Automotive OEM suppliers operate in a make-to-program mode that sets them apart from other manufacturers. For years, suppliers have developed homegrown solutions, often with project and spreadsheet tools, or tried to adapt more advanced but still generic products like ERP and PLM. Suppliers told us that the results are cumbersome and add layers of complexity to an already complex task. We identified what was lacking and purpose-built Actify APM for program management, which means it fits suppliers’ needs and delivers immediate productivity gains.

Different by Design

Program teams do whatever it takes to deliver on time and on budget. But eventually, they reach their limit. Actify simplifies and accelerates processes so teams have time to work more productively. Actify keeps all team members connected and up to date without calls, emails, and meetings. It maintains comprehensive status information, is aware of changes and impacts, and notifies team members when action is needed. With Actify, your teams are able to apply their expertise to maximize program success.

Fast Results

Because Actify is purpose-built, program teams find it intuitive to use. It’s a system they welcome and embrace because it takes away the frustration of spending precious time battling with unhelpful systems and instead streamlines operations and makes work easier.

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