Bringing Organization-wide Collaboration to CAD Files

SpinFire Enterprise gives your entire organization a uniform  way to view, interrogate, and translate CAD files. It’s the same SpinFire technology automotive manufacturers have trusted for more than 15 years, now available in a revolutionary all-access format.


    With an intuitive interface available in more than 10 languages, SpinFire Enterprise lets anyone leave feedback, change requests, and annotate on CAD files.

    Share models across internal and external teams with multi-CAD support. SpinFire Enterprise covers all your CAD-sharing needs, and works at the office, at home, and on the road.

    When managers, salespeople, marketers, and vendors can actually see the parts you make, everything changes. SpinFire Enterprise transforms organizations by putting pictures to part numbers.

The Future is Enterprise Visualization

Until now, CAD viewers have been a means to provide non-core engineering workers with cost-effective access to CAD files—as opposed to purchasing expensive CAD licenses and working with multiple CAD formats. However, the entire enterprise can benefit  if other teams can interact with CAD models, too.

Actify pioneered the CAD viewer category with the SpinFire product family. Now we’ve reimagined the pricing and license structure so that everyone can interact with CAD information.

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SpinFire Enterprise is the best in class software for CAD visualization, which allows you to open all sorts of extensions, all sorts of CAD data in a very fast way and it allows you to easily read the imported CAD data and to work with it.

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Comprehensive Features

SpinFire Enterprise gives you and your team everything you need to view and interrogate assemblies, parts, and drawings in all major 2D and 3D CAD formats.

Gain insight on an item’s volume, weight, surface area, and center of mass. Quickly calculate the sum of connected edges selected, or the area they define.


Dimensions and distances

Use Smart Dimensioning to automatically display an item’s dimensions, including:


Edge length, thickness, point to point, point to edge, surface to surface


Arc diameter, arc center, radius, distance between centerline, circle by three points


length with centerline length and all bend points and export to csv

Model analysis

Use SpinFire’s highlighting features to call out aspects such as:

  • Differences between similar models
  • Draft angles and projected areas
  • Wall thickness
  • Surface curvature

And because SpinFire supports custom rules, you can build your own analyses, too.


SpinFire supports all major 2D and 3D CAD formats.

CAD Viewer

Intuitive Interface

For years, manufacturers have chosen SpinFire for its ease of use. SpinFire Enterprise extends the same level of intuitive design to your organization, reducing training time.

Need a way to automatically process and publish inbound CAD files?

CAD Publisher runs in the background as part of the Actify Enterprise Visualization  solution. It does the heavy lifting in the CAD processing workflow so your engineers don’t have to.

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