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The transformation your make-to-program business needs

If yours is a make-to-program business and you lack adequate visibility of pre-production program status, you’re not in control. For decades, OEM suppliers have accepted a program management status quo that relies on team heroics to launch programs on time and on budget. It’s an approach that does not scale and leaves suppliers ill-equipped to succeed in the era of electrification. Actify provides the visibility and control that’s missing and accelerates processes while reducing cost and alleviating the burden on your teams.

Program Throughput

Actify reduces the time and cost of launching a new program into production. This is a cost that is independent of the program size or value and represents a “fixed” overhead on every new program. Actify cuts non-productive work that results from using outdated, cumbersome methods to increase throughput and cut cost while reducing risk and rework.

Operational Control

Actify is the launch control system that gives you visibility into the programs that are at the heart of your business. Actify ensures that you are aware of threats to customer satisfaction and performance and have timely notification so that you can take corrective action.


Actify helps reduce your costs, but it also helps you deliver the qualities that differentiate you from your competition. Actify builds customer trust by enabling you to respond with confidence, deliver sooner, and deepen relationships through consistent, reliable execution.

Hiring and Retention

Employees’ expectations of a modern workplace have been irrevocably changed by the tech they use in their everyday lives. Actify has a profound effect on the daily work experience and job satisfaction of team members and especially program managers. Actify helps make your company a preferred workplace to boost retention of key staff and attract a new generation to the industry.