OEM Process Disruption and Tempo

Your customers are making big changes to the way they engineer and build their products and will reward suppliers who support and enable the new way they work. It’s a faster-paced, more agile, and efficient production concept. Actify can help. If your teams are manually integrating launch work and data across systems, project plans, dashboards, and spreadsheets our software can get your information flowing. Give your team tools to slash task time and enable continuous improvements so they can achieve better, faster, program outcomes.

Accelerating Change Requests

Simplification isn’t always simple. Often it means a smaller number of more complex, harder to manufacture components. And a lot more change. Outdated launch processes struggle to keep up, increasing the risk of mistakes and unplanned costs. Actify is built to recognize change impacts instantly, minimizing ‘time-to-detect’, and it assists you to identify your least costly and disruptive schedule options.

Evolving Compliance and Audit Standards

New entrants, new locations, new customer mandates, and new regulations – Actify adapts to exploding complexity with easy-to-build templates that capture and simplify the steps and documentation needed for compliance. Bringing launch processes and records together in one system reduces the burden of achieving and demonstrating standards compliance.

Building Internal Consistency

Model launches have increased to unprecedented levels, which combined with shorter program lives, creates a much faster tempo and unfavorable program economics. The scale of the challenge requires a company-wide methodology that enables greater productivity and continuous improvement so that your teams can launch more programs in less time. Actify is designed to be easily adopted across your company, and adapted to different processes as needed, while giving you a comprehensive picture of status and risks.

Reducing and Recovering Costs

With more programs and more changes to manage, program teams struggle to keep up. It’s not a people problem. The problem is your people don’t have enough time. They spend time fighting with outdated or inadequate technology instead of working proactively to head off the inevitable problems that occur and changes that are required. The result is more expedite fees, more air freight, and less change impacts captured for reimbursement. Actify gives your teams the time they need to manage issues and changes more efficiently.

Hiring and Retention

Managing programs is tough, stressful work that also requires deep industry and company knowledge, and there’s a shortage of highly qualified people who can do the work. This is a recipe for turnover, and many suppliers are currently under-staffed. One way to keep people and attract fresh talent is to offer a better work environment. One that is less stressful because people can complete their work and achieve their goals without sacrificing their personal lives. Choosing Actify promotes a more productive environment where program teams can do their best work, and those entering the industry will encounter modern technology that speeds onboarding and assists their understanding and development.

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