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    For over 15 years, Actify has led the charge in enabling manufacturers across various sectors to harness 3D and 2D CAD data effectively for downstream applications. Our journey has been fueled by a steadfast dedication to nurturing success through strategic partnerships with our valued customers.

    In the world of manufacturing today, CAD files transcend simple 2D or 3D geometric representations. They embody a rich repository of product knowledge, encompassing not just the design but also critical information for quality inspection and production processes. This wealth of data holds the potential to inform and enhance operations across numerous departments within a manufacturer’s internal enterprise—whether operating locally or globally—as well as within their extended enterprise, including customers, suppliers, and partners. The challenge lies in unlocking the geometry and metadata encapsulated within native CAD files, making it accessible and usable for all stakeholders. The efficiency and effectiveness of any organization hinge on its ability to unify its team around this comprehensive product information.

    At Actify, we understand the complexity of these challenges. Our mission is centered around facilitating seamless access to and use of 3D and 2D CAD data, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity across the manufacturing industry.

    Our vision is clear: to empower manufacturers to operate more effectively by ensuring that all members of the organization—and their extended network—can work in unison with the rich product information available within CAD files. Through our Enterprise Visualization solutions we are setting a new standard for the industry, facilitating an environment where CAD data becomes a cornerstone of success for manufacturers around the globe.

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    Our Values

    • Invested in Customer Success

      We are dedicated first and foremost to our customers. We seek relationships based on long-term value, not transactions.
    • Responsive

      We listen, learn, and follow through to help our customers solve problems. We are always open to finding a better way.
    • Collaborative

      It’s central to how we do things; the more and better the dialogue and teamwork among ourselves and with our customers, the better the outcome. We want to build a customer community.
    • Honest and Transparent

      Our customers respect the fact that we speak plainly, directly, and truthfully.

    Commitment. Hard work. Family

    At Actify, we are tirelessly committed to customer satisfaction, work hard and treat each other like family. We have created an atmosphere of compassion and drive, caring and creativity, encouragement and results. If you are looking to join a team unlike any other, we’re looking for you. Check out our latest vacancies.

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