Actify helps build some of the world’s most complex and advanced products.

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    Partnership is in our DNA

    For more than 15 years, Actify has been at the forefront of enabling manufacturers to visualize and engage with design, engineering, and manufacturing data. Our journey has been marked by a steadfast commitment to partnering with our valued customers, driven by a shared determination to facilitate their success. It is this enduring collaboration that has empowered us to develop software purpose-built to cater to the unique requirements of product and program teams.

    Throughout our history, we have been industry leaders in crafting tools that are not only affordable but also user-friendly, ultimately enhancing both quality and productivity. Our core mission revolves around transforming automotive program management. Today, Actify leverages the wealth of knowledge we’ve accumulated to provide automotive suppliers with enterprise-grade solutions, purpose-built to tackle the multifaceted challenges of program-based manufacturing.

    Once again, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with leaders and innovators within the supplier community. Together, we are pioneering a new class of software: Actify Automotive Program Management, purpose-built to be ADAPTABLE, ADOPTABLE, AWARE and ASSISTIVE. This revolutionary platform expedites operations, elevates productivity, and actively supports the pursuit of continuous improvement.

    15+ years

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    Our Values

    • Invested in Customer Success

      We are dedicated first and foremost to our customers. We seek relationships based on long-term value, not transactions.
    • Responsive

      We listen, learn, and follow through to help our customers solve problems. We are always open to finding a better way.
    • Collaborative

      It’s central to how we do things; the more and better the dialogue and teamwork among ourselves and with our customers, the better the outcome. We want to build a customer community.
    • Honest and Transparent

      Our customers respect the fact that we speak plainly, directly, and truthfully.

    Commitment. Hard work. Family

    At Actify, we are tirelessly committed to customer satisfaction, work hard and treat each other like family. We have created an atmosphere of compassion and drive, caring and creativity, encouragement and results. If you are looking to join a team unlike any other, we’re looking for you. Check out our latest vacancies.

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