We Are Here for the Auto Suppliers

Since 2005, Actify has created solutions for the top-tier suppliers in the automotive manufacturing industry. It began with SpinFire , a CAD viewer that became the industry standard in visualization.

Over years of listening closely to our users, Actify has grown into a family of purpose-built products that help teams, departments, and entire organizations communicate, collaborate, and comprehend like never before.


Automotive manufacturing involves various teams coordinating on several workstreams per program—with individuals from multiple time zones speaking multiple languages. One of the greatest challenges that teams face is staying in sync with one another, and miscommunication represents a drain on time and resources.

Our solutions change that by keeping information up-to-date and providing stakeholders with intuitive alerts and messaging tools for keeping each other in the know.


We help teams get the right input from the right stakeholders at the right time, whether it involves putting out fires in program management or problem-solving in the design stage.

Our solutions for Automotive Program Management  (APM) and Enterprise Visualization  help teams work together to get the job done, and get the job done well.


The automotive manufacturing industry is complex, and it isn’t getting any simpler. With new OEMs and new part designs entering the automotive market, the need for enterprise-level comprehension has never been greater.

That’s why we design our solutions to help the entire organization comprehend your programs better. Whether it’s an APM suite designed to give program managers pristine clarity on various workstreams or an enterprise-wide CAD viewer, Actify solutions are built to give everyone you work with a more solid comprehension of the work at hand.

Purpose-built from the beginning

Actify exists for the auto manufacturing industry. Everything we create is built with top-tier suppliers in mind, so there is never a need to rig, hack, or repurpose our solutions. If we made it, we made it for you.

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