The Launch Control System your organization lacks

APQP, PPAP and the phase/gate workflow process haven’t changed much – and neither have the tools used to support them. The vehicles we’re making are innovating faster and faster and it’s time the way we manage making them does too. Actify APM is a Launch Control System that systematically addresses what’s been lacking in program management systems.

Better, Faster, Easier

Program teams typically use systems that give them incomplete or outdated information, that are cumbersome and slow to work, and difficult to operate. No surprise then that they are an impediment to efficiency and productivity. Actify quickly and simply provides just the information team members need.

Program Health

Programs can consist of several projects with tens of team members and hundreds or thousands of tasks. Actify keeps track of tasks and dependencies and flags the higher-level impact of any change or delay that may cause a problem down the line.

Program Change

Actify enables the team to manage tasks and outputs within the system. Contrast this with spreadsheets and MS Project, which provide a snapshot of the plan but need to be continually updated. Actify knows task and output status, knows when changes happen, and can anticipate threats to the schedule.

Planning Assistance

Starting from AIAG templates that are easily cloned and modified, program managers set up new programs and teams in a fraction of the time. Adjustments can be made on the fly and optionally added to templates to reflect process improvements. When changes impact the schedule, Actify makes it easy to model and see the impact of alternate strategies before a revised schedule is chosen.