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Purpose-built from the ground up

The operational requirements of Program Managers demand specific capabilities that other enterprise solutions do not offer. By selecting a combination of key technologies, Actify delivers Program Management software that is purpose-built for the job.

Quality = Fitness for Purpose

Creating a high-quality solution involves planning every aspect of how it is designed, constructed, implemented, and supported to make sure it matches the customer’s need. Along the way, the developers make hundreds of decisions, large and small, with the customer in mind. Some of the decisions, including those concerning technology choices, have significant implications for suitability. Software designed for one purpose is rarely able to adapt successfully to an unplanned purpose. Ultimately, the quality of a product depends on its fitness for the intended purpose. It’s why Actify has made every decision regarding the development of Actify APM to ensure it is purpose-built for Program Management.




Built for you

Working with program managers, we created a checklist of essential capabilities:

  • The system serves a broad and variable population across internal and external groups, and must be both easily adopted and easy to use.
  • It must implement your proprietary processes and not impose a process of its own.
  • It must be receptive to any document or data type, and must seamlessly integrate 3D product information.
  • It must connect with other systems and automatically perform inbound and outbound synchronization to relieve users of manual communication and updates.

With this remit in mind, we made several fundamental technology choices, including some that we believe are non-negotiable:

  • Cloud deployment

    Today, most auto suppliers are using program management tools that have evolved over many years and employ legacy technologies. Actify APM is new software and runs in the cloud. This means it can respond immediately to your needs.

    Any user you authorize can access your Actify APM implementation immediately from any location at any time without downloading and installing software. This means it is easy to add users at another plant or at a supply chain partner as it is to add a user in the office next door. Actify maintains the software and your data in a highly secure cloud environment, which means we provide all central system resources and updates.

    No matter how quickly your needs change, or how many users you need to add, Actify APM supports your team. And with Actify Enterprise Pricing, your fees stay the same no matter how many users you add at work, at home, or on the road.

  • Graph database

    Actify APM is designed to provide the flexibility to define any workflow and to accept any data your business requires. It owes this flexibility to its underlying graph database technology, which adapts organically to the program templates and lifecycles you define. This means that unlike most software systems, which have predefined data structures, Actify APM will always embody your unique business processes.

    Actify APM’s database accepts new data structures, such as forms, that you create ‘on the fly’, and can store worksheets, CAD files, and other types of information that other databases cannot.

    The structure of graph databases makes them ideal for maintaining relationships between data. This is something that becomes cumbersome and inefficient with other database types. And it means that Actify APM can perform a complex query such as “all programs, for a particular OEM and a specific product type, manufactured in Plant A in 2021”, and return the results fast whether there are six hundred programs in your system or six hundred thousand.

  • Visualization

    Visualization is a core component of Actify APM that enhances communication, collaboration, and comprehension – Actify’s three C’s.

    Actify APM has embedded 3D CAD viewing capability. Simply add design files and thumbnails to your programs and parts, and all users can interact with 3D models powered by Actify SpinFire technology.

  • Enterprise automation

    By its nature, program management is a highly collaborative activity that involves many team members and multiple systems. A substantial portion of program management effort is devoted to communicating and responding to events, moving data between systems, and compiling all the task and updates required to assemble a complete view of customer and program status. Automation offers quantum advances in speed and productivity

    Actify APM provides advanced integration technology that enables connections to your internal information systems (ERP, CRM, PLM, QMS, etc.) as well as customer and supplier portals. Using these connections, Actify APM can create workflows that break down barriers between department/system silos and automate many time consuming and repetitive tasks.

Act now

Actify software is designed to raise your team’s game, so they know more, respond faster, anticipate better, and overall outperform your competition. Don’t delay, contact Actify today to find how we can help you enjoy preferred supplier status with new and existing customers.