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Grow new and repeat customer business

Actify Program Development is an enterprise-class application to manage your program opportunities from inception through bidding and award phases of the program lifecycle.


(Preliminary information, availability for this product has not been announced.)

Focus on Customers

Actify Program Development, along with other components of the Actify APM Suite, is designed to ensure that every interaction with your company deepens your customers’ confidence in your ability to execute, opening the door to deeper, stronger, and more profitable relationships.

Strengthening your relationships

Actify Program Development positions your company as a preferred supplier by informing and enhancing every stage in the customer relationship process. It starts with centralizing your intelligence regarding OEM plans, market projections, and competitive initiatives. This information helps your finance and business development teams develop a target portfolio of future business.

As your discussions with OEMs progress, Actify Program Development captures more detail about upcoming programs, enabling you to model sales, resource, and capital, and creating an overall score for the value of each opportunity. These steps lay the groundwork for decisions about how aggressively to pursue new programs and how best to position your company’s capability.

Once an RFQ is received and the bidding process commences, Actify Program Development enables you to ingest and analyze customer requests faster, coordinate and compile responses better, and bring more information and clarity to bid/no-bid and pricing decisions. Over time, Actify APM generates a growing bid and program history, together with insight into possible risks, relevant lessons learned, and bid and program outcomes. These insights provide another opportunity to calibrate your bids and to show your customers the depth of your expertise.

By equipping your business development teams with better information and more time to respond, every interaction with your customers is strengthened. At the same time, your internal confidence in the accuracy of your bids and understanding of the criteria for success are reinforced.

Every customer and every program counts

Electrification is quickly reversing the trend of OEM consolidation, but this will always be a market with a relatively small pool of customers. It’s critical to attract new customers, maintain and grow business with existing customers, and avert customer attrition.

It’s a “whole company” challenge to achieve high customer satisfaction, but business development and subsequent program execution play a vital role. There are no shortcuts to success, but with the right technology your team is equipped to outperform your competitors at every step.

The Actify difference

■ Maintain OEM planning profiles

■ Maintain process/gate templates for each OEM and bid type

■ Download and distribute OEM RFQs and documentation

■ Smart comparison using multiple parameters to find similar pats bids and outcomes

■ Fully configurable process and approval steps

■ Portfolio and program level resource analysis

■ Assign bid teams and roles

■ Automate distribution of information and maintain task assignments and progress

■ Dashboard view of current bid activity by customer with stoplights and drilldowns

■ Support multiple bidding rounds with change history and evaluation

■ Assign values for scoring and assessing strategic and financial value

■ Key resource profile – both people and capital – to forecast requirements

■ Assembly and transmission of RFQ responses, specifications, and documentation

■ Pipeline, bid/no-bid, and win/loss reporting and analysis

■ Transfer information developed during program development to Actify Program Management upon successful award.

Act Now

Actify software is designed to raise your team’s game, so they know more, respond faster, anticipate better, and overall outperform your competition. Don’t delay, fill out the form contact Actify today to find how we can help you enjoy preferred supplier status with new and existing customers.