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Invest in Your Progress

Actify Program Analysis is an enterprise-class application that provides performance insight and analysis across the end-to-end program lifecycle.


(Preliminary information, availability for this product has not been announced.)

Focus on Improvement

Actify Program Analysis is the Actify APM Suite component that provides reporting and analysis to highlight current performance. But importantly, Program Analysis also gathers institutional knowledge gained during bid and program execution, contributes enhancements to your phase/gate processes, and transfers selected insights from earlier teams to successor teams.

Never Stop, Never Settle

In an environment as dynamic as the auto industry, standing still means falling behind. Continuous improvement is not just a good idea, it’s a strategic imperative. Reflection at process completion and recording lessons learned is a feature of every supplier’s APQP process. The challenge is ensuring those lessons are captured and then transferred to future teams that can benefit, especially when the teams are separated by time, location, customer, etc.

Actify Program Analysis aims to systemize institutional knowledge capture and transfer. It tracks the issues and risks encountered by teams, as well as the decisions taken, and results achieved. At the conclusion of a process, teams can elect to modify process templates to reflect the knowledge gained, but the system also automatically recognizes new situations that present challenges that have arisen before and proactively offers those insights to current teams. In this way the software uses lessons learned, both to continuously improve standard procedures, and to avert potential problems that could undermine performance.

Powerful New Insights

Actify Program Analysis provides insights that were previously unavailable thanks to the power of its underlying technology. By creating a single repository for program information that can assemble data from people and systems across the enterprise, Actify APM creates a far more comprehensive source of data than was previously available. Additionally, since Actify APM uses a type of NoSQL database called a graph database, it can make associations and unplanned connections across disparate data that other systems simply cannot.

Together, these two advances transform your ability to monitor, analyze, and predict your business, and to drill down to discover what is helping or hindering your success.

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing an endeavor fail when similar projects have found success. Let Actify help you achieve consistency by ensuring every team benefits from lessons learned, and to avoid the disappointments that undermine your bottom line performance.

The Actify difference

■ Comprehensive financial and KPI reporting

■ Analysis of bid/no-bid decisions and factors impacting bid outcomes

■ Compare projected and actual bid and program outcomes

■ Understand drivers of customer satisfaction, product quality, and financial performance

■ View and analyze your business by customer, program type, commodity, product maturity, program volume, etc.

■ Capture and apply lessons learned

■ Continuously improve your bid and program process templates

■ Equip team for success with your collective company

Act Now

It’s your people and your processes that make your company successful. You depend on your team’s experience and skill to compete to first win and the  launch successful new programs. But competition for talent is also fierce, and you are at constant risk of losing expertise to competitors or retirement. Don’t delay, contact Actify today to find how Actify’s software can help you capture and preserve your vital institutional knowledge.