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Equipping Program Managers with Purpose-built Solutions

Actify APM Suite is the first purpose-built automotive program management (APM) software, designed for both today’s workload and tomorrow’s industry challenges. Designed in partnership with leading suppliers, Actify APM equips program teams with enterprise-class cloud technology to streamline day-to-day operations across the program lifecycle


    Actify APM simplifies and automates the communication process. By replacing in-house, often spreadsheet-based systems with a shared team workspace, team members have immediate access to current program timelines, specs, and status.

    Program management is a team sport that requires active participation across the enterprise, as well as with customers and suppliers. Actify APM provides easy onboarding and access for any users you authorize, giving them the ability to play their role in specific programs. With Actify, teams are more focused and more productive, and program progress can accelerate.

    With Actify, you know exactly where your attention is needed. Team members know their tasks and due dates and have access to the information they need to know what’s expected, what’s happening, and what’s changed. Actify APM automatically highlights timelines and costs that could turn into problems down the road and allows you to drill down to prevent issues from becoming disasters.

Standard product, custom fit

Actify APM adapts to the program lifecycles and processes you define. Set up templates by OEM, by program type, commodity, or location, and modify as needed for specific programs. You are in control. Capture any information and any documents – Actify’s database has the flexibility to meet your needs for standard workflows or on the fly.

Actify APM works alongside your other systems, like ERP, PLM or CRM. It is a system of reference that connects relevant program information wherever it resides and automates the synchronization of information across systems as well as people. Your other information systems were designed for other teams and other needs, but Actify APM adapts them to operate beautifully in a program-based manufacturing environment.

Our 80-strong program management team members are the conductors who orchestrate programs across our eight plants and virtually every department. Whether it’s pulling together our bid on time, or ensuring on-time delivery to our customers, our team needs immediate visibility of project tasks and gates, as well as seamless access to part design and engineering information, without logging into multiple software systems and without resorting to email and spreadsheets.”

Midway Products Group, Inc.

Program Development

Business development teams are under pressure to respond to an increasing volume of RFQs with decreasing turnaround times. Actify speeds up the pre-award process by accelerating document and request sharing, equipping team members with most recent information, and coordinating bid inputs and decisions. Bid teams can review previous matching awards, losses, and no-bids together with relevant program outcomes. Actify Program Development supports OEM-specific workflows, forms and formats enabling you to turn around more complete bids more quickly and confidently.

Program Management

Actify consolidates data from across multiple departments and systems, providing the whole team with visibility into workflows, stage gates, tasks, and actuals/estimates. Actify’s workflows and automations are completely configurable to reflect your proprietary processes and systems environment. Actify surfaces issues before they become problems to keep programs on schedule. Plus, Actify’s dashboards and drilldowns capture the key information to support customer service and executive briefings.

Program Analysis

Actify captures the content and experience associated with every bid and every program. Pre- and post-award teams use Actify’s built-in intelligence to identify similar past programs to understand what risks and problems prior teams encountered, the decisions they made, and the outcomes they achieved. Actify systematizes the “lessons learned” concepts of the APQP process to help ensure consistent, optimum performance across teams and locations and across time.


The Centro platform is the hub for your program operations. It intelligently and automatically manages your program data, keeping all files up to date and organized for the whole team, Centro provides the connection between the Actify suite and your other enterprise information systems.

Actify Automate

The AI helper that makes everything run smoothly behind the scenes, Actify Automate runs on the rules you set to synchronize and update the Actify suite and other information systems automatically. Automate use powerful but easy to build recipes to execute cross-system actions instantly and flawlessly, offloading the manual updating that typically consumes program management resource and slows the flow of information.

Auto Suppliers Can Thrive

Automotive program management is the next frontier for top-tier supplier profitability. Forces in the auto manufacturing industry require you to execute more programs in less time. Your program management operations must be able to scale and accelerate or you risk being unable to compete. With Actify, you will have the technology and the partnership to help you meet the challenges of today’s auto industry head on. Make Actify part of your strategy to win and thrive.

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