The next automotive supply chain crisis: Program Management

The automotive supply chain contains a hidden bottleneck that could cause serious issues for OEMs and suppliers if left unchecked. Automotive program management — the collective process suppliers use to design and launch component part production — is incredibly complex and only getting more challenging. Industry stakeholders need to understand both the severity and complexity of the issue so they can take steps to improve this crucial link in the supply chain. This whitepaper contains insights on how to do just that.

Important takeaways include:

  • The push for electric vehicles is putting more strain on automotive program managers.
  • Onboarding new program managers is a lengthy process, so capacity is limited by human capital.
  • Program managers need better technology solutions to improve efficiency and collaboration across teams.
  • OEMs and suppliers should work to form closer partnerships to improve productivity.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the challenges and flawed practices that plague automotive supplier programs and learn what OEMs and suppliers can do to avoid disaster.

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