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SpinFire Enterprise

Extend engineering design data to all enterprise users without the need to buy additional, expensive CAD seats. Unlike other CAD viewers in the market, SpinFire Enterprise provides your organization with unlimited access to product visualization and interaction for the entire company…in the office, at home, or on the road.

  • No barriers to product knowledge

    No longer just an engineering tool, SpinFire Enterprise provides insight to everyone in your organization, so you work faster and more profitably.
  • Quick and easy adoption

    SpinFire is designed with an emphasis on ease of use so that anyone in your organization can graduate from part numbers to 3D images.
  • Intuitive collaboration

    Viewing and marking up CAD models enriches every customer and supplier meeting and internal conversation to help fix problems and make progress.
  • Nonrestrictive licensing

    With SpinFire Enterprise, you can give everyone in your organization affordable and secure access to 3D images and metadata.
Give your team access to SpinFire! Since Actify is a trusted Magna Solution Partner, you can place a SpinFire order for your Division today!

Order SRV05616 - Actify SpinFire MCS

CAD Processing Done Right

CAD Publisher runs in the background as part of the Actify Enterprise Visualization  solution. It does the heavy lifting in the CAD processing workflow so your engineers don’t have to. CAD Publisher monitors your inbox for incoming CAD files. When a new file arrives, CAD Publisher automatically detects, processes, and publishes it according to the rules you set.

  • The Right Files

    Assign CAD Publisher to an inbox and set the rules for which inbound files it should process.
  • The Right Format

    CAD Publisher is compatible with all major 2D and 3D CAD formats, and can even be set to create thumbnails and metadata, too.
  • The Right Place

    You set the distribution and publishing rules, and CAD Publisher sends the freshly processed CAD files to their proper destination.
  • Right Away

    CAD Publisher runs 24/7, so you never need to tie up an engineer’s workstation processing CAD files again.

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