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We provide a single place for suppliers to configure and manage program and project schedules, coordinate team tasking, and collaborate on deliverables for a world of frequent change. Simply and securely connecting projects, people, process, and their data delivers a leap in visibility and productivity – you can drive more programs and execute faster, with reduced risk and costs.

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Anticipate Customer Impact

Do you know if delays or changes impact your customer deliverables?

Easily Get Program/Project Status

Are you struggling to easily find the status of a program or project?

Know Impact(s) of Change

With constant change, are you able to make sure that all work is reviewed and completed for each change?

Get Work Notifications

Are you tired of trying to find out if your work is ready to begin?

Quickly Initiate Projects

Are you wasting valuable time setting up projects in multiple systems or worksheets?

Receive Task Updates

Are you frustrated with trying to get task updates from your team?

Coordinate Schedule Changes

Are schedule changes a nightmare to coordinate?

Input Availability & Version Control

Do you have trouble finding what you need to complete your work?

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By adopting Actify we now have a company-wide program launch process that enables benchmarking and ongoing improvement. We can easily see where programs and projects stand with respect to launch outcomes, plus we know where issues are arising and what we need to do to address them. Our customers are more confident in our ability to meet launch milestones and our teams know exactly what they need to do and when. We have replaced legacy approaches and fragmented systems with a single source for program information that is far simpler and more productive to use by team members across the company.

Mike Lewandowski - Modineer Company
Director, IT

Whether it’s pulling together our bid on time, or ensuring on-time delivery to our customers, our team needs immediate visibility of project tasks and gates, as well as seamless access to part design and engineering information, without logging into multiple software systems and without resorting to email and spreadsheets.

Midway Products Group, Inc.

From a program management perspective, this is far beyond – far beyond – anything else I’ve seen.

Tier 1 Metal Casting Company
Engineering Manager

With Actify, we are getting more throughput, and we are getting program management tasks done in a timely manner. [This] is going to help our plants launch programs on-time and on budget. Without question, Actify has been worth it.

Terry English - EG Industries
Director, Program Management

SpinFire Enterprise is the best in class software for CAD visualization, which allows you to open all sorts of extensions, all sorts of CAD data in a very fast way and it allows you to easily read the imported CAD data and to work with it.

José Valente – Yazaki Europe
Manufacturing Engineer

It used to be just program managers would be the ones that would use SpinFire. Now we’re starting to see it on all different business segments, purchasing, and other segments that are using [it].

Mike Dunn - Flex-N-Gate
IT Manager

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Automotive Program Management

At Actify we are not just another solution provider in the automotive industry. We are the pioneers of purpose-built program management, designed from the ground up for top-tier automotive suppliers. Our mission and passion are clear: to transform the landscape of automotive program management, aligning it with the demands of a rapidly evolving market.

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