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Actify’s SpinFire Enterprise visualization solution extends engineering design data to all enterprise users without the need to buy additional, expensive CAD seats. Unlike other CAD viewers in the market, SpinFire Enterprise provides your organization with unlimited access to product visualization and interaction for the entire company…in the office, at home, or on the road. With SpinFire Enterprise, you will have a company-wide solution that empowers you to communicate, collaborate, and comprehend like never before–all in an affordable, easy-to-manage subscription.

With SpinFire Enterprise, customers: 

  • Accelerate Design
  • Enrich Customer Engagement
  • Improve communication with Suppliers
  • Accelerate Sales Results
  • Easily find measurements like draft angles or create explode views
  • Have access to their engineering CAD data anywhere…anytime
  • View all major CAD formats like CATIA, STEP, NX, SolidWorks, STL, JT, NX, and Creo just to name a few

Hear how our customers are benefiting from having SpinFire Enterprise throughout their organization:

Mayco International

From HR to Health & Safety

Mayco International is a global tier one automotive supplier specializing in interior components and systems.

PTM Corporation

From Estimating to the Shop Floor

PTM Corporation is a full-service, metal stamping supplier with expert engineers, state-of-the-art CAD systems and world-class tooling facilities.


Breaking Down Barriers

Flex-N-Gate is a leading manufacturer and supplier of large stamped metal and welded components, assemblies, and plastic parts for the automotive industry.

The Business Tool Manufacturers Need to Boost Productivity Across All Teams
Make your organization a visual enterprise

SpinFire excels at making product data easily accessible to the non-engineer with little or no training:

  • Quoting: view and measure 3D/2D customer data to assist business development along with design and manufacturing engineering to create confidence in your quotes.
  • Sales: visually share and communicate model design with prospects and customers to highlight your manufacturing specialties and create clarity in your review meetings with customers.
  • Engineers: visually communicate design changes / markups to stakeholders both inside the organization as well as with customers and suppliers to reduce or eliminate confusion and mistakes.
  • Procurement and logistics: investigate models for material, size, and weight along with other properties that help define needs such as packaging, stacking, and sequencing.
  • Management: visually associate models with meta-data for informed decisions.

Don't Wait! Equip your whole organization with SpinFire Enterprise

As demands on auto suppliers rise, your success hinges on the ability to execute faster and more efficiently than your competitors. One key way to reduce costs is to give everyone access to current, accurate CAD information: it speeds collaboration, frees up engineer time, and eliminates the mistakes that come from using inconsistent CAD translations.

With SpinFire Enterprise, you can empower your entire organization to access, interrogate, and share CAD information now. Download our E-book to learn more about how enterprise visualization provides a path to greater productivity and efficiency.

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