Webinar: Why Program Management is Ripe for Transformation

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Webinar: Why Program Management is Ripe for Transformation

Many tier-1 suppliers, especially those in the automotive sector, compete for program awards from the large OEMs to supply product components and subsystems. However, to win an award, the supplier must commit to a component price for potentially thousands of units long before the design and manufacture of the component. One misstep anywhere along its design, production tooling, and manufacturing path can result in crippling financial implications.

CIMdata believes that what these suppliers need is a focused, program management solution that supports their efforts in responding to requests for quotes (RFQs) from the OEMs and then oversees the program from the day of the awarded contract through product design and the start of production. The solution should empower the supplier’s program management team with the historical knowledge of past programs and give them the needed information to exercise due diligence when preparing a bid.

This webinar will start off with a keynote presentation by CIMdata, Executive Consultant Dr. Ken Versprille, who will look at the types of requirements tier-1 suppliers have for a robust program-based manufacturing solution. A discussion between Dave Opsahl, the CEO of Actify, and Ron Stephens, Vice President of ETCS, will follow Dr. Versprille’s presentation.

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• Supplier program management teams spend valuable time seeking information from the different company silos in order to prepare a bid to an OEM’s RFQ.

• Suppliers must bid on part prices before the part is designed and manufactured.

• Program managers must compile and report on program status almost weekly for senior management.

• In automotive, suppliers must comply with OEM’s Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) requirements.

By attending this webinar, you will:

• Learn about the challenges suppliers face in responding to OEM RFQs.

• Learn what to look for in a program-based manufacturing solution.

• Better understand how a proper program-based manufacturing solution can benefit your company.

• Understand how a program-based manufacturing solution can integrate with your existing PLM solutions.

Who should attend?

• Product planners and managers.

• Program managers.

• MCAD team leaders and senior-level MCAD users.

• Anyone wanting to learn about the requirements for a program management solution.

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Dr. Ken Versprille, Executive Consultant, CIMdata, Inc.
Dr. Ken Versprille is an Executive Consultant at CIMdata. Ken has over 40 years of experience in the application of computer-based solutions for engineering and manufacturing. His research spans geometric design, design collaboration and automation, PLM standards and openness, and CAD integration across PLM applications. Ken published the first description of NURBS, the mathematical curve-and-surface formulation, now an international standard in CAD and Computer Graphics. In 2005 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from The CAD Society.

Ron Stephens, Vice President. ETCS, Inc.
Ron Stephens is Vice President of ETCS, Inc., an Engineering, Tooling, and Component systems company headquartered in the Metro-Detroit area. Ron brings over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, including senior roles at Pyper Tool & Engineering and Dura Automotive. Over his career, Ron has led program management teams and has also built program management software tools adopted by a number of leaders in the automotive industry. In his current role, Ron is responsible for ETCS’s die business and product line.

Dave Opsahl, CEO, Actify
Dave Opsahl is the CEO of Actify, formerly VP of Corporate Development for Tech Soft 3D, and managing director of Sagemark LLC, a consultancy working with technical software developers and users on sales, marketing, corporate development, and implementation strategies. Dave was the founder and first executive director of the 3DPDF Consortium, an industry trade group responsible for advancing data interoperability standards for the manufacturing and AEC industries. Drawing on his more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and technology industry, Dave has spent most of his time working with and developing innovative technology in the manufacturing sector, turning new ideas into products, and solving some of the most complex problems. When he has spare time, you can find him outdoors fishing, hunting, or mountain-biking the rivers and trails around his home near Bend, Oregon.

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