Webinar: Unlimited access to manufacturing data (EN)

Unlimited Access to your Manufacturing Data

Even before the pandemic, the global manufacturing workforce has been transitioning to an increased remote situation or virtual office environment.  Discrete manufacturers need the speed of product data collaboration whether personnel are in adjoining cubicles, working from home or half-way around the globe.  They need a solution that is easily adopted and deployed, so the entire extended enterprise can be productive.

In recognition of this need, Actify has already introduced our Enterprise CAD Viewing “ECV” package and/or our Enterprise Collaboration Platform “ECP” – both of which can enable companies to liberate their product data including native CAD files. 

Employees are empowered by having technology and data access at work, on the road, or at home.  It is not a question of who you can afford to give licenses to, but rather a means for unlimited access sharing and collaborating anywhere and anytime without the high overhead costs and complexity.

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