Actify’s SpinFire Enterprise Delivers Instant Access to Critical CAD Data at Mayco International

Mayco CS

Mayco International is a global company based in Michigan that offers a wide range of services in the automotive industry. With numerous locations worldwide, Mayco aims to be the preferred Tier 1 automotive supplier by providing design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and logistics services. However, one significant challenge they faced was enabling team members to access CAD files efficiently.

These difficulties led to approximately 20 monthly tickets related to CAD file access. The time-consuming process of purchasing, installing, and training users on various CAD applications or viewers was taking a toll. This situation hindered decision-making processes for program managers and purchasing estimators who needed quick access to vital information. The reliance on designers and engineers to open files for other teams further diverted their attention from their primary responsibilities.

To overcome these challenges, Mayco needed a more streamlined solution that would enhance efficiency and enable faster decision-making across departments.

Important results include:

  • All team members across all departments can instantly open up any CAD file just by clicking on it
  • Wait time for access to CAD files reduced from 3-6 days to 0 days, increasing speed at which team members can make business decisions and turnaround crucial task
  • Scalability and flexibility of SpinFire Enterprise helps futureproof company’s ability to access CAD data and successfully collaborate with customers, even as the auto industry rapidly changes and evolves

As an enterprise-wide solution, SpinFire didn’t just solve the specific problems we had; it also gave us the solution to problems that we didn't even know we had.

Ted Lukiewski

IT Director

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