PowerPlex 2021

Actify was a proud sponsor for the virtual PowerPlex 2021 conference. This free experience took place over the course of three days on May 24–26 and was packed with events such as breakout sessions, roundtables, networking events, and one-on-one appointments.

If you missed out on our sessions, check out our videos below:

Program Management: The Forgotten Team

  • Watch Actify CEO Dave Opsahl and Terry English of EG Industries in a discussion about the future of Automotive Program Management.  Program Managers are responsible for managing the design, sourcing, production, and delivery of parts and assemblies, requiring a remarkable level of cooperation and collaboration among thousands of companies spread across 6 continents, from pre-award though the early months of volume production. An individual Program Manager may be simultaneously running a dozen or more programs for a single OEM customer while the team in a large Tier-1 company could have a hundred or more in process across their entire range of OEM’s.No one who works in automotive manufacturing would ever question the value or importance of the Program Management function.  We do not refer to Program Management as the “Forgotten Team” because they are overlooked or under-valued but simply because until now there has never been a comprehensive application that was designed to support this vital function.


No More Spreadsheets! An Enterprise Program Management Adapter for Plex

  • Watch Peter West and Lori Jones-Tyrakowski as they demonstrate how Actify APM is integrated with Plex!As a Program Manager, your world is high stress, high volume, and 24/7.  Or as one program manager recently put it, “we’ve reached a level of insanity I didn’t think was possible.”The vital function of managing the design, sourcing, production, and delivery of parts and assemblies for hundreds of programs, and cooperating with thousands of companies spread across 6 continents deserves a purpose-built IT solution to make your life easier. In this session, Peter and Lori will introduce you to The Actify Automotive Program Management (APM) Suite, a purpose-built solution for top-tier automotive suppliers that manages the entire OEM program lifecycle for suppliers, and consolidates fragmented processes and information into a single, comprehensive source. By replacing general purpose file systems and spreadsheets with an integrated system of reference and enterprise-class applications, program management operations are transformed, enabling new levels of productivity, customer service, diligence and profitability.


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