AutoCAD viewer for your entire organization

With SpinFire, view DWG, DXF, DWF, and DWFX files, easily calculate volume, weights  bounding boxes, and more!

SpinFire Enterprise gives you and your team everything you need to view and interrogate assemblies, parts, and drawings.

Gain insight on an item’s volume, weight, surface area, and center of mass. Quickly calculate the sum of connected edges selected, or the area they define. SpinFire lets you visualize not just the parts themselves, but how to most effectively pack and transport them. SpinFire Enterprise also allows you to work with all major CAD formats.


Dimensions and distances

Use Smart Dimensioning to automatically display an item’s dimensions, including:


Edge length, thickness, point to point, point to edge, surface to surface


Arc diameter, arc center, radius, distance between centerline, circle by three points


length with centerline length and all bend points and export to csv

Analyze AutoCAD files

Use SpinFire’s highlighting features to call out aspects such as:

  • Differences between similar models
  • Draft angles and projected areas
  • Wall thickness
  • Surface curvature

And because SpinFire supports custom rules, you can build your own analyses, too.

Equip your whole organization with SpinFire Enterprise

As demands on auto suppliers rise, your success hinges on the ability to execute faster and more efficiently than your competitors. One key way to reduce costs is to give everyone access to current, accurate CAD information: it speeds collaboration, frees up engineer time, and eliminates the mistakes that come from using inconsistent CAD translations.

With SpinFire Enterprise, you can empower your entire organization to access, interrogate, and share CAD information now. Contact us at Actify to speak with an expert about what Enterprise Visualization can do for you.