Digital Transformation

Actify’s SpinFire products transform communication and comprehension among highly skilled manufacturing workers by enabling them to query and interact with digital models of parts and products.

Design Information In The Age Of Digital Transformation

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)  software has long been a requirement for manufacturers to imagine, evolve and operationalize their products. Over the years, CAD systems have become increasingly powerful. High-end CAD software products are now too complex and expensive for wide deployment and are used almost  exclusively  within  engineering teams. However, there are many other users across the enterprise who can benefit from access to and interaction with product models, if delivered in an easy-to-use and affordable manner. SpinFire products from Actify extend digital design interaction simply and inexpensively to anyone who needs it.

In today’s high-tech and increasingly automated manufacturing environment, success depends on close alignment between highly skilled workers across disciplines ranging from procurement to service, and quality to sales. SpinFire enhances these workers’ ability to collaborate with customers and suppliers, as well as with internal teams, to improve productivity, accelerate communication, and eliminate mistakes.


  • One common platform providing affordable access to product visualization and interaction for your whole organization
  • Easy to deploy and adopt
  • View, measure, analyze and mark-up designs created by any major CAD system
  • Automate data conversion and publishing
  • Facilitate collaboration with customers and suppliers in their native CAD ‘language ‘
  • Complement your existing systems by adding visualization to inform and clarify
  • Reduce your costs by limiting CAD seats only to core users
  • Identify problems and avoid mistakes by providing workers with the insight and awareness that only a visual medium can provide

Sharing Design Information In The Age Of Digital Transformation

Your company has made many  important  technology  investments,  from ERP  to  CAD, and  CAE  to  MES.  But to extract full value from  these  investments,  part  and  product  information  must  be available  to  anyone  who needs  it, not just the core users of these system s. Many manufacturers encounter barriers that hinder and handicap their transformation efforts.

Customers use a variety of authoring tools, which can make design collaboration cumbersome and expensive. This is especially the case for program-based manufacturers, including top-tier auto suppliers, who build assemblies and components for multiple OEM customers. SpinFire solves this problem by offering compatibility with major CAD formats in a single neutral platform.

CAD systems have evolved in capability and can be both too complex and too expensive to implement broadly. As a result, these systems, while central to your digital enterprise goals, become data silos that inhibit information flow and team collaboration. SpinFire liberates your part and product data by making it available to anyone who needs it.

SpinFire is an affordable solution to the “last mile” challenge of bringing more users into your digital world, and in the process, it will increase the value of your existing technology investments . It may also enable you to reduce seats of your CAD and other high-cost software systems. And because a SpinFire Enterprise subscription gives access to your entire company, team members can work anytime and anywhere – at work, at home, or on the road.

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