Article: Actify APM Suite announced to Customers

Actify Company Announcement

Detroit, MI – September 21, 2020

Actify Automotive Program Management suite announced

Today marks the start of a new chapter for Actify as we announce a new addition to our product family that builds on our SpinFire and Centro products and our deep partnership with customers in the automotive supply chain.

The new suite, called Actify Automotive Program Management (APM), is a first-in-class application specifically designed to support the supplier teams who manage the end-to-end automotive program lifecycle.

You may be like many of our customers who find that the program teams who bear responsibility for customer success and margin achievement use only basic office software to perform their critical role. While their ERP, CAD, PLM, and other business systems serve other needs and other departments, there is no equivalent system that provides the cross-system data integration, and enterprise team collaboration that is essential for program management.

To provide you with much more information, Actify scheduled a customer webinar so that Customers could participate and get direct answers to their questions.

As the foundation of the new suite, Centro will maintain a system of reference for program management information and SpinFire will provide CAD visualization. Actify APM will offer:

APM Program Development

Supporting pre-award collaboration across departments and systems, Actify APM enables business development teams to respond to higher RFQ volumes and ever-increasing pressure to respond faster with configurable workflows that speed gathering of information and assembly of bids. Actify’s dashboards equips every team member with relevant task and status information while maintaining overall visibility of bids and outcomes.

APM Program Management

Addressing the design, engineering, launch, and early production stages of the program lifecycle, Actify APM provides program managers with a configurable system that can mirror both their program lifecycle process and the requirements of each OEM customer. With its unique ability to collate and share information across systems and organizations, Actify APM provides a single, up-to-date source of program information for everyone in the enterprise, boosting productivity and eliminating the inefficiency and frustration of using basic office tools.

APM Program Analysis

Actify APM maintains a complete history of bids and programs and uses powerful parametric search capability to find past experiences that can inform decisions about new programs and opportunities. Having a comprehensive history creates unlimited ability to construct analyses and gain insights, and to capture and apply lessons learned.

The genesis of our new direction was learning how many of our current Centro customers have configured their software. They have taken advantage of Centro’s ability to manage product information drawn from multiple systems. With Centro, users across the enterprise have access to program information without the need to understand or navigate multiple systems or pay for additional seats.

Using a single system, teams spend less time requesting and searching for data and regain many hours of productivity. Customers have configured Centro so that data is organized and accessed the way they work: by OEM and program.

In the last two years we have developed custom extensions to Centro to replace many of the spreadsheets our customers previously used to track and summarize program stage, gate, and task status, or to manage compliance, etc., yielding further gains in productivity in both pre- and post-award phases.

Now Actify is using the experience gained building these custom extensions to develop standard, packaged enterprise-grade applications on top of the existing, proven Centro and SpinFire foundation.

As always, the progress Actify is making is only possible with the support and partnership of our customers. Thank you for choosing Actify, and we hope you share our excitement as we look to the future.


Dave Opsahl (CEO)



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