Actify Participation at PowerPlex 2021 a Success

Actify Participation at PowerPlex 2021 a Success

Addressing needs of “The Forgotten Team” of program managers receives praise from PowerPlex attendees


Detroit, MI – May 26, 2021 – Actify, the leading provider of visualization and program management solutions for the automotive supply chain, today announced that the company’s participation in PowerPlex 2021 was a resounding success, receiving praise from attendees for addressing the needs of the “Forgotten Team”, automotive program managers.  

In a series of live virtual presentations, Actify executives and customers talked about the need for better, purpose-built tools to help program managers do their jobs more efficiently.   

Program Management is at the crux of the automotive manufacturing supply chain, but surprisingly the software industry has largely ignored the unique requirements of this critical role.  Even in the largest, multi-billion-dollar Tier-1 companies, Program Management has been forced to develop in-house solutions, and across the supplier community file management systems, elaborate spreadsheets, and a variety of off-the-shelf tools are commonplace stop-gaps to coordinate the data and track activities assigned to people across the organization. Yet, no one who works in automotive manufacturing would ever question the value or importance of the Program Management function.  

“We knew Program Management was ripe for transformation, but the feedback we received at PowerPlex – comments such as, ‘yes, this is my life every day!’ and ‘you’ve hit the nail on the head – as suppliers we walk along the edge of the cliff all day every day and we need help’ – underlined the pressure on suppliers to perform, and the urgent need for real solutions” said Dave Opsahl, CEO at Actify. “We do not refer to Program Management as the ‘Forgotten Team’ because they are overlooked or under-valued but simply because until now, there has never been a comprehensive application that was purpose-built with the needed technologies to support this vital function.”

View replays of the presentations:

The Forgotten Team – Actify PowerPlex 2021 Session

  • Dave Opsahl, CEO of Actify
  • Terry English, Director of Program Management at EG Industries

Actify PowerPlex Session – No More Spreadsheets!

  • Peter West, VP of Marketing
  • Lori Jones-Tyrakowski, Product Development Manager
  • (Includes a demo of automated updating between Actify APM and Plex ERP)


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