• May 24 & 25

Actify C3 Summit - 2022

The Rising Tide of Electric Vehicles

Join the OEM/Supplier conversation on managing the onslaught of new EV programs

Electrification represents one of the largest and most significant industrial transformations in history. The accelerating transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) models to electric vehicles (EVs) creates a rising tide of vehicle programs and a shared challenge for OEMs and suppliers to master. Change brings opportunities to transcend “business as usual” but also the potential for the next supply chain crisis.

We invite you to be a part of the conversation and watch the recordings of our virtual event. In addition to providing a forum for Actify customers to interact and see the latest developments from Actify, this year the Actify C3 Summit fostered industry understanding and dialog regarding the program launch and execution challenges inherent in the EV revolution to clarify what it will take for OEMs and suppliers to successfully ride the EV wave.


Carl Anthony
Founder, AutoVision News
CEO Message
Dave Opsahl
CEO, Actify Inc.
Keynote - The Electrification Wave and its Impact on the Automotive Supply Chain
Ryan Martin
Research Director, ABI Research
OEM Panel
Joe White - Moderator
Global Automotive Correspondent, Thomson Reuters
Supplier Panel
Carl Anthony - Moderator
Founder, AutoVision News
Actify APM Introduction
Dave Opsahl, Peter West, Bob Anson
Actify Executives
Day 1 Recap
Peter West
VP of Marketing, Actify Inc.
Keynote - Managing the Electrification of the Auto Industry
Abey Abraham
President, Society of Automotive Analysts
Actify APM Roadmap 2022
Bob Anson
VP of Products, Actify Inc.
Enterprise Visualization with SpinFire
Actify Customers
What's Next for SpinFire
Ross Mills
VP of Engineering, Actify Inc.
Bob Anson
VP of Products, Actify Inc.
Q & A
Actify Executives

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