• June 8, 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Actify Supplier Event

Auto suppliers are gathering! Join in!
Plante Moran
Greg Alonso
Principal, Plante Moran
Dave Opsahl
CEO, Actify, Inc.

At Actify, we understand that automotive suppliers’ key mission is winning and delivering successful OEM programs, which ultimately determine their company’s success. However, with the emergence of more OEMs, electric vehicles, and autonomous vehicles, the pressures on suppliers have increased dramatically. Actify understands these challenges and wants to help connect suppliers with others who are addressing the same concerns at a social event on June 8th.

Actify commissioned  a double-blind survey of 183 automotive suppliers, in addition to gaining feedback from its considerable supplier base and customer advisory board. The survey results revealed the these top concerns for suppliers:

  • Inadequate applications to support program management
  • Constrained program launch capacity due to a shortage of human resources
  • Wasted resources on non-value efforts, and a projected increase in new model launches.

With over 75% of respondents still using static Microsoft documents and managing only at the project level, it is clear that the industry needs a purpose-built solution that provides automation and reporting to increase productivity and handle greater capacity with available resources.

To address these concerns, Actify is hosting an event on June 8th at Topgolf in Auburn Hills, MI. The event will include open supplier discussions, food, and fun, providing an opportunity for suppliers to connect and voice their needs. Special participation by Plante Moran.

Suppliers are encouraged to register their management colleagues to gain insight into the growing and pressing needs of the industry.

The event is free, and Actify hopes it will be a starting point for suppliers to come together and collaborate on solutions

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