The Future is Enterprise Visualization

Until now, CAD viewers have been a means to provide non-core engineering workers with cost-effective access to CAD files—as opposed to purchasing expensive CAD licenses and working with multiple CAD formats. However, the entire enterprise can benefit  if other teams can interact with CAD models, too.

Actify pioneered the CAD viewer category with the SpinFire product family. Now we’ve reimagined the pricing and license structure so that everyone can interact with CAD information.


Boost productivity with immediate access to the information teams needs to get the job done.


Provide teams with insight to avert problems, find solutions, and accelerate progress.


Enrich everyone’s understanding of your products and programs so that can contribute more.

SpinFire Enterprise

Unlimited CAD-file access for the entire enterprise

SpinFire Enterprise gives your entire organization the ability to view and interrogate CAD files. An intuitive interface available in 10 languages allows you to access 2D and 3D visualizations regardless of file format.

No barriers to product knowledge

No longer just an engineering tool, SpinFire Enterprise provides insight to everyone in your organization, so you work faster and more profitably

Quick and easy adoption

SpinFire is designed with an emphasis on ease of use so that anyone in your organization can graduate from part numbers to 3D images.

Intuitive collaboration

Viewing and marking up CAD models enriches every customer and supplier meeting and internal conversation to help fix problems and make progress.

Nonrestrictive licensing

With SpinFire Enterprise, you can give everyone in your organization affordable and secure access to 3D images and metadata.

CAD Publisher

Digital publishing on auto pilot

Actify CAD Publisher works in the background to process, translate, and distribute incoming CAD files, eliminating the resources wasted by manual processing and gaining extra time to review and respond to incoming information.

A 24*7 automated attendant

CAD Publisher continually monitors your inbox for incoming files and immediately goes to work to ensure the right information reaches the right team member as soon as possible.

You set the rules

There’s no limit to the number of “pipelines” you can configure. A pipeline is our term for the set of rules CAD Publisher will follow to recognize, process, and distribute specific incoming information packages.

No mistakes, no delays

Automating file processing and distribution eliminates the delays and occasional mistakes that cost precious time and money.

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SpinFire actually is [the] backbone of how we do business…SpinFire gives us that vendor-neutral ability to be able to share information.

Jeff Hearn - Royal Power Solutions (Eaton)
Director, IT

Using SpinFire Enterprise, we’ve reduced the wait time for end users to get access to an important CAD file from 3-6 days, to 0 days. The resolution of their problem is instantaneous: They click on the file, and SpinFire Enterprise opens it for them so that they can start acting upon that information.

Ted Lukiewski - Mayco International
Director, IT

In almost all areas outside of engineering, our colleagues use SpinFire…it’s available to analyze customer data and visualize our own developments. All colleagues along the project cycle use SpinFire to visualize our developments.

Lorenz Diessbacher - Frimo Group GmbH
IT Business Process Consultant

What’s great about SpinFire is the flexibility and the rapid way you’re able to read in customer data, output it to a different type of format if needed…I think for any company, you can put [SpinFire] in their hands and they [can be] quite capable with minimum training.

Gary Delbeke - RGM Tooling
Vice President

SpinFire Enterprise is the best in class software for CAD visualization, which allows you to open all sorts of extensions, all sorts of CAD data in a very fast way and it allows you to easily read the imported CAD data and to work with it.

José Valente – Yazaki Europe
Manufacturing Engineer

It used to be just program managers would be the ones that would use SpinFire. Now we’re starting to see it on all different business segments, purchasing, and other segments that are using [it].

Mike Dunn - Flex-N-Gate
IT Manager

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