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Smart Data Management for Automotive Programs

Actify Centro Platform is a cloud-based implementation of Actify’s popular Centro product that has been enhanced with additional capabilities that provide Actify APM applications with their distinctive power and flexibility.


    Centro brings order to the files and data streams that flow into and out of programs. Centro has the power and flexibility to dynamically build associations between all types of information as you work to create a comprehensive database that becomes a “system of reference” for your program information.

    By intelligently updating information across your systems, Centro frees all parties to keep moving forward with confidence that they have current information. With the included Actify Automate capability, Centro can eliminate many of the routine information collection and update tasks that consume precious program manager resource.

    Centro intelligently connects the dots between every piece of data involved in the automotive program giving you the complete picture. And utilizing our embedded SpinFire visualization technology, APM application users can view and interrogate 3D CAD designs and metadata.

Transformational technology that delivers productivity

Actify Centro Platform transforms program operations with the breakthrough technology of Actify Automate. Endless, time-consuming, manual updating of program status is now automatic. Actify Automate connects to your ERP, CRM and more, with automations that track timeline, cost, and other changes. Understandable, powerful recipes perform updates across systems to maintain Actify as your single system or reference for program information.

The digital hub for your program information

Actify Centro Platform adapts to your proprietary program management processes, and information is organized and presented in customer and program views. With Centro, version control prevents the mistakes that occur when team members reference outdated information, and unproductive searches and requests for needed information are eliminated because everything is immediately accessible in one place.

Centro Platform

Accessible, yet secure

Centro keeps your data and your customers’ data safe. Administrators can set access controls and permissions to determine who can access the system, what functions they can perform, and which data they can see. All information is encrypted both at rest and in motion, and redundant storage protects you against loss.

See how Centro can work for you

Auto suppliers have trusted our Centro technology to manage their program data for six years. Talk to us to learn more about how our new Actify Centro Platform and the Actify APM Suite can help make your program management scale, accelerate, and become more profitable.