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Transform your program launches

Actify Program Management is an enterprise-class application to manage your programs from award through production launch phases of the program lifecycle.

Focus on results

Actify Program Management provides teams with immediate visibility of program status, and highlights issues that need to be addressed. It is designed with simplicity and adoptability in mind and becomes the preferred method of communication and collaboration across the extended program team. By relieving teams of the bulk of traditional program management administrative tasks, Actify Program Management raises efficiency and gives you time to work proactively to avert problems and achieve the desired program quality, delivery, and financial results.

Conquer the chaos

On Day One you have a plan and a budget for each new program laid out, and then one thing changes, then another, and another. And it seems like every day a change or issue arises that potentially impacts your launch. Across the supplier community, the levels of intensity, pace of change, and burnout of key contributors are at all time highs. Actify Program Management is designed to help you manage change and put you back in control. It’s not magic, it’s the result of listening to program managers and creating a system that uses modern technology to provide your team with a single system to bring all information together in one place so that understanding and communicating status and changes becomes manageable again.

A new way to program

Actify Program Management plans and manages the end-to-end program lifecycle, equipping stakeholders and team members across the enterprise to work efficiently and cohesively.

Our process and activity templates implement your proprietary program management strategies and provide quick and easy enablement of new program teams. Templates for managing important team tasks such as responding to customer-driven engineering changes ensure adherence to your policies and procedures as well as customer specific operational requirements.

Our dashboards focus on data needed to communicate program progress and to support confident, real-time answers to customers’ status questions.


Actify Program Management frees program managers, engineers, and other overburdened team members from unproductive hours requesting updates and entering data. Everyone has access to the information they need when they need it, with more time to focus on meeting and beating target outcomes.

Cost, profitability, and delivery performance are as up to date as the latest entry to the system, providing 24/7 oversight of program status. Meeting preparation is simplified, and progress meetings are streamlined or eliminated.


The Actify Difference

■       Transfer award data from Actify Program Development

■       Assign program management teams with template-based initial task assignment and document distribution

■       Template-based configurable phase/gates

■       Permission scheme to control user access and masking of data down to data field level by customer, program manager, program, etc.

■       Import, export, and distribution of information from/to other systems, customers, and suppliers with auditing capability

■       Detailed approval process

■       Comprehensive program data accessed through familiar folder structure

■       Dashboard views of current customer and program/task status with stoplights and drill-down

■       Comprehensive change management including “TimeShift” schedule pull/push capability and “cost walk” to step customers through change impacts

■       Issue, risk, and decision management and recording, flexible “forms” capability

■       Up to date “scorecards” for every program and early warning of trouble spots

■       Project management of programs including sequencing and dependencies

■       Integrated tracking of quality compliance requirements including APQP and PPAP

■       CAD visualization for design analysis and engineering collaboration

Act now

Actify software is designed for easy adoption and acceptance across your enterprise. Your teams will feel the impact, welcome the change, and progress will be swift. Don’t delay, fill out the form and contact Actify today to find how quickly and completely we can help you transform your operations.