Article: Actify Company Backgrounder

Actify Company Backgrounder


Actify, Inc. came to the market in the early 2000’s with a product to democratize the complex information needed to describe manufactured products. Then, as now, computer-aided design and manufacturing applications exclusively use proprietary data definitions, making it very difficult for supply chain companies to collaborate with their customers. SpinFire, Actify’s flagship visualization application, has been helping more than 1,500 manufacturers streamline operations since its introduction.

As our customers embraced digital transformation, they asked Actify to help automate the transfer and transformation of data. Since applications like ERP, CAD, and PLM are designed to address only the needs of their target user communities they become walled siloes of information. In response to this need, Actify developed its Centro platform, which ingests data from multiple systems, applications, and files to create a unified, up to date system of reference.
Centro provides cross-functional teams with a 360-degree view of the any product, project, or program currently in work without users needing to access, interpret and reconcile data from multiple systems that may be difficult and even expensive use.

More than fifty Tier 1 auto suppliers have chosen Centro as a platform to manage their OEM supply programs. And because OEMs orchestrate their supply chains using very similar program management protocols, the requirements are substantially the same across the entire supplier community.

We learned that despite the obvious importance of winning program business and executing it profitably, the existing landscape of enterprise software not only fails to support program management, the presence of multiple silos creates formidable barriers to success. In fact, we found that auto suppliers, including multibillion-dollar manufacturers, were using Centro to automate critical processes that previously depended on email and spreadsheets.
Soon, customers asked us to develop custom applications to augment Centro and replace various key program management and reporting functions. These custom applications collectively constitute the starting requirement specification for Actify’s forthcoming Automotive Program Management (APM) product suite.


While Actify has many significant customers including industrial machinery, consumer hard goods, aerospace and defense companies, and automotive OEM’s, our primary target market is Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers. They represent more than 85% of our installed base. We know their business, their challenges, and their priorities. We know that world-wide, this market includes more than 15,000 companies across all regions. We also believe that our customers outside of automotive share many of the same needs and will benefit from our solutions.

Actify today has customers across more than 60 countries and has extraordinary customer loyalty. Our 92% unit renewal rate is exceptional for companies in our category. Our customers are represented in an advisory board which guides our product development. Our customers know us to be invested in their success.


The Actify team has more than 250 years of collective experience meeting the needs of automotive suppliers for product data collaboration. The senior team has several members with multiple prior successes:

  • Dave Opsahl – CEO
  • Ty Myers – Sales and Service
  • Jacob Burwell – CFO
  • Ross Mills – Engineering, research and development


  • SpinFire – leading CAD/CAM viewer and collaboration tool
  • Centro – program management platform
  • Actify APM – automotive product management suite, comprised of:
  • Program development (pre-award)
  • Program management (post-award)
  • Program analysis
  • Locations

Actify is headquartered in Detroit, MI, with its primary development in Edinburgh, Scotland. Actify has sales offices in the USA, UK and Germany and has global presence through an extensive partner network.


Actify is backed by Tierra del Oro, a private equity investment fund. Our latest round was completed in March of 2020.



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