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Purpose-built Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing

Our automotive program management (APM) and CAD viewing and collaboration (Enterprise Visualization) solutions help you scale to meet new challenges and accelerate to meet ever-increasing customer demands.

Unleash your potential

As a top-tier auto supplier, you operate differently. You build to OEM specs, follow OEM protocols, and run and measure your business by customer and program. Conventional manufacturing software doesn’t work this way, and you’re forced to fill the gaps. Actify can replace your homegrown systems with enterprise solutions built for the way you work, priced so everyone can use them. Actify is enterprise software that complements and adapts your CAD, ERP, and other software to work the way you do, so you can unleash your potential.


Boost productivity with immediate access to the information teams need to get the job done.


Provide teams with insight to avert problems, find solutions, and accelerate progress.


Enrich everyone’s understanding of your products and programs so they can contribute more.

APM Suite

The Digital Control Center for Program Acquisition and Launch

The Actify Automotive Program Management (APM) Suite pulls together the information you need to manage the end-to-end program lifecycle.

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  • Purpose-built for automotive

    The Actify APM suite is the first enterprise-class program management solution built specifically for and with the automotive supplier community.
  • No more manual spreadsheets

    Actify APM Suite makes the connections between the systems you already use, reliably and automatically tracking the most up-to-date information.
  • No more guess work

    Actify simplifies the collection of lessons learned and equips new teams with your institutional knowledge gained in the past.
  • No more searching

    Work accelerates and capacity increases when everyone on the team has immediate access to the information they need.

SpinFire Enterprise

Unlimited CAD-file access for the entire enterprise

SpinFire Enterprise gives your entire organization the ability to view and interrogate CAD files. An intuitive interface available in 10 languages allows you to access 2D and 3D visualizations regardless of file format.

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  • No barriers to product knowledge

    No longer just an engineering tool, SpinFire Enterprise provides insight to everyone in your organization, so you work faster and more profitably
  • Quick and easy adoption

    SpinFire is designed with an emphasis on ease of use so that anyone in your organization can graduate from part numbers to 3D images.
  • Intuitive collaboration

    Viewing and marking up CAD models enriches every customer and supplier meeting and internal conversation to help fix problems and make progress.
  • Nonrestrictive licensing

    With SpinFire Enterprise, you can give everyone in your organization affordable and secure access to 3D images and metadata.

CAD Publisher

Digital publishing on auto pilot

Actify CAD Publisher works in the background to process, translate, and distribute incoming CAD files, eliminating the resources wasted by manual processing and gaining extra time to review and respond to incoming information.

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  • A 24x7 automated attendant

    CAD Publisher continually monitors your inbox for incoming files and immediately goes to work to ensure the right information reaches the right team member as soon as possible.
  • You set the rules

    There’s no limit to the number of “pipelines” you can configure. A pipeline is our term for the set of rules CAD Publisher will follow to recognize, process, and distribute specific incoming information packages.
  • No mistakes, no delays

    Automating file processing and distribution eliminates the delays and occasional mistakes that cost precious time and money.

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